It all began in a Mexican Restaurant in 2004…                                                                                                                        

This blog/Website chronicles the photography of missionary photographer Lloyd Smith

It all began in a Mexican Restaurant in 2004…Missionary David Wagner from Builders International spoke at our church in Longview, WA (Columbia Heights Assembly of God). After the service Pastor Kent asked Helen and me to join them for lunch at a Mexican restaurant. We sat across the table from David who said that he had heard I was a photographer and he needed one for his upcoming Vision Casting trip to Venezuela. I had never heard of Builders International or Vision Casting. He went on to explain their vision and I joined him for the first Vision Casting event in Venezuela in November of 2004. From that Mexican restaurant chance-meeting I have been in 25 foreign countries shooting photos for the Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) and others. On one 10 day trip we were in and out of 23 airports. That meeting in a Mexican restaurant changed the direction of my life and the focus of my photography. I have probably photographed close to 1,000 wedding and have over 1 million photos in my computer. I had taught photography at a college level for 15 years and junior high/middle school for 20 years so this really expanded my experiences.

After photographing B.I.’s projects and other missions around the world since 2004 – (Argentina (4), Bangladesh, Belgium, Belize (3), Brazil, Cambodia, Chile (3), China, Columbia, Costa Rica, Democratic Republic of Congo DRC, Haiti (5), Honduras (2), Israel, Jordan, Kenya (2), Macedonia, Mexico (6), Nepal (2), Philippines, Poland (2), Republic of Congo RC, Russia,  South Africa (2),  Spain (2),  Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand (3), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Venezuela (4),  two Mexico cruises and one Bahama cruise), I needed a platform to upload them on so I have placed 125,000 photos of the projects, country scenes, and local people in 208 albums on my Picasa Web/Google Plus page and on a blog Website –

The older albums begin at the bottom of the blog page starting in 2004 and ending at the top in 2017. (Click older or newer posts to navigate the pages or keep scrolling down.)  It is interesting to note that the years of 2004 and 2005 were photographed with film, and from 2006 on are photographed with Nikons (2 D200s, a D300-s & 2 D500s) digital cameras.

The albums are set up in a blog so I could attach category words. If you look to the right side of the page you will see the titles to all the albums and words that describe what is in the albums. Click on the word, i.e. Vision Casting, Haiti, etc., and it should bring up every album from any vision casting trip or Argentina to see all Argentina albums, etc. Just click on the title next to the photos to bring up the actual album. (I have stopped adding the titles and words to the search).

I have added two albums of my very first mission trips to Mexico in 1980 and 1994 shot with film.

After I got back from Russia one of my friends sent me this note:

I went through every picture of the Russia trip…I tell you, one of my favorite things about your pictures when you travel is that you do such a good job of showing everyone the culture, the people, the landmarks…I swear, you are supposed to be working for National Geographic. I really had no idea what Russian people were like, other than what you always hear politicians yammering about. Hey, I have to ask….are there really that many interesting people all over the place, or do you just have a good radar?”

I was sent a note by professional photographer Mike Hagen from Visual Adventures:

“We have a saying at our church that you never retire from Kingdom service. I’m proud of you for supporting the mission of Builders International with gusto. It is important to their cause and important for others in their 70s, 80s and 90s to remember to never stop serving.”

From a Rotary friend: “Thanks for sharing your adventure journey and wonderful photography.  Thought I was looking at National Geographic. Regards, Gary”

From a friend:I cannot say enough about how much I admire your work, Lloyd. The variety of all the things you’ve been able to capture in photographs is truly impressive. Keep up the good work.” Jeff Paterson

From Ty Morris, Assistant Principal, R. A. Long High School: “Hi Lloyd – You are a very talented individual – The QUALITY of a person’s life IS in direct proportion to their commitment to EXCELLENCE! The photographs that you share are the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and vision. Great work!”

 To contact Lloyd Smith click on the e-mail below.

Image may contain: Lloyd Smith, sky, mountain, snow, outdoor and nature

Lloyd shooting winter photos at Mount Rainier National Park

Lloyd shooting in Nepal.

521A91BF-9DD7-4A0C-A447-BA343B9D448E.JPGLloyd Smith ready to shoot with his twin Nikon D500s.

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Tanzania Trip2019 – Sunsets and Susie

Tanzania Trip2019 – Sunsets and Susie



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Tanzania2019 – Stopped by Barcelona

Tanzania2019 – Stopped by Barcelona


DSC_6371-Edited.jpg  DSC_6261-Edited.jpg

IMG_4777-Edited iPhone.jpg  IMG_4774-Edited iPhone.jpg


IMG_4845-Edited iPhone.jpg

IMG_4843-Edited iPhone.jpg



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Tanzania2019 – Mavuno Village Admin Building

Tanzania2019 – Mavuno Village Admin Building



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Tanzania2019 – Mavuno Village Camping

Tanzania2019 – Mavuno Village Camping



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Tanzania2019 – Attending Chapel at Mavuno Village

Tanzania2019 – Attending Chapel at Mavuno Village







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Tanzania2019 – Walked to Church 1st Week

Tanzania2019 – Walked to Church 1st Week




DSC_7647-Edited.jpg  DSC_7802-Edited.jpg

DSC_7843-Edited.jpg  DSC_8006-Edited.jpg

DSC_7939-Edited.jpg   DSC_7904-Edited.jpg

DSC_8167-Edited.jpg  DSC_8229-Edited.jpg



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Tanzania2019 – Went to Church the 2nd Week


Tanzania2019 – Went to Church the 2nd Week

IMG_5369-Edited iPhone.jpgDSW_2505-Edited.jpg


DSC_1968-Edited.jpg  DSC_2044-Edited.jpg

DSC_2086-Edited.jpg  DSC_2178-Edited.jpg

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Tanzania2019 – Crafts at Mavuno Village

Tanzania2019 – Crafts at Mavuno Village


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Tanzania2019 – Invited out to Diner in Africa

Tanzania2019 – Invited out to Diner in Africa




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Tanzania2019 – Fishing at Mavuno Village

Tanzania2019 – Fishing at Mavuno Village



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